Struggles of Battling Mental Illness

Mental illness is complex for us who battle it every day. The shame that many of us feel is an understatement. The ways we are discriminated against for being different goes without saying.

The struggles I have faced can be overwhelming. I know I’m not alone, but it can feel like we are alone in the fight to manage our illness. Also, while fighting to be understood and accepted by those who love us and people in general.

A month of awareness changes nothing if hearts and minds toward individuals with mental illness don’t change.

There will always be a need for awareness. In the United States, we often see the picture that individuals with mental illness will harm others or are violent. Statistics actually show that individuals with mental illness are more likely to harm themselves than others. Often times the individuals in the media are just people with evil hearts that committed violent crimes.

It is these issues that make it challenging to struggle with mental health issues.

May is mental health awareness month don’t suffer in silence

Be the change. Be the difference the world needs.


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