Cloud of Pain

The clouds of pain held so much hurt that it seemed to always be storming in her world

Pain etched in her mind was as deadly as the tornadoes that came through tornado alley

She tried to remove herself from the hurt

Then the clouds brought the rain of trauma unresolved

What do you do when hurt seems to be the language you are most comfortable speaking

Words could never describe how deep the pain goes in the lives of traumatized women across thee globe.

Some would say get over it is the fix for the pain

The truth is healing is a process and the mindset about one’s self and the identity found in the pain must change.

The cloud of pain won’t remain a cloud if we learn to release the hurt and allow God to do the healing.

The pain etched in her mind and your mind would change, and you can heal from the cloud of pain.

Poem by: Shakera Williams

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