Living a Godly Life

God ordained for us to live a godly life. This does not mean we live a life of perfection. This means we strive each and every day to be more godly. We can never be God. We can be more loving, kind, compassionate, understanding, humble.

We should reverence God in ways that make us live a godly lifestyle. If you are striving to be perfect in the pursuit of godly living you have the wrong attitude. No one is perfect. We all make mistakes. We all miss the mark.

Living a godly life should be liberating. It should be encouraging because our foundation is God and He won’t fail us. We may go through storms and challenges but our strength is made perfect in our weaknesses (2 Corinthians 12:9). He should be the one leading, guiding, and directing our paths. It’s okay to seek godly counsel. It’s okay to admit that you need support, but you should always be seeking God in all that you do.

We need God. I do not care how far off course you get God is there. He does not care about the material things you have or don’t have. He is God no matter what we do or have. We should not put our faith in the material things that mean nothing to God.

God is concerned about our salvation and obtaining our rewards in the eternal Kingdom. We have work to do in this life. We have many lives to affect and be a light to. When we become saved and begin the journey of godly living it is work.

God knows many of us are immature in the way we live our lives. Once God begins to expose us to the truth about our lives we need to be open to change. Change is hard but never impossible. God uses the circumstances we face to build our faith and trust in Him.

When life becomes hard don’t stay stuck in the hurt and pain of your past or present. I have been living for God for years. I have endured many hardships. There have been times when I was frustrated with God and wondered where He was in all I was going through. The truth is those seasons passed.

It is easy to become spiritually fatigued and lack faith because of what we are going through. This is a trick of the enemy making you believe you can’t start over again and that your dreams are shattered. This is so untrue. I have climbed over the mountains in my life because God intended for us to press in and work through our challenges.

Godly living is a journey and no one has arrived we are all still learning. Each of us is in a different phase of the journey. Take your time and understand that God has a plan. Don’t get weary because in due season God will show up and manifest greatness in your life (Galatians 6:9).

Remember things take time before they come to pass. Moses stayed on the backside of a mountain for forty years before God put him in leadership (Acts 7:28-30). Abraham and Sarah waited a lifetime before Isaac was born (Genesis 18:11; Genesis 21:1). Joseph was betrayed by his family in his youth. It would take thirteen years before his vision came to pass (Genesis 37:2; Genesis 41:46).

Living a godly life is what God intended. Being a child of God is a blessing. God is always with His children. Keep the faith and keep fighting for the abundant spiritual life God has called us to.

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