You’ve Survived the Storm. It’s Time to Move On.

Our lives are similar to the seasons of nature. There are winter seasons, fall seasons, spring seasons, and summer seasons. Some of the seasons we are in can be harder than others. They can come with loss, hardship, and pain. They can come with burdens and things we may have even thought we overcome but are revisiting again.

No matter how hard the season is we will survive. How much does one endure and yet have room to let go and shed the pain? I wish I truly had an answer for that because many storms have filled us up with grief and hurt.

I can say that there are better days ahead. Starting over after a storm is hard. Trying to dream again and believing that trying again is worth it, is hard. I encourage you to do it for yourself and through God. We can do nothing without Him.

He has a purpose in every storm we go through. We have to stop seeing life through the lens of pain, let go, and allow God to do the inner work in our lives. It is not easy and it takes time. Sometimes it takes years before we really let things go.

Over the course of our lives, we learn how to survive the storms we face. We also learn how to avoid future storms through experience. After the storm is over what do you do to heal? You take it one step and day at a time. Be gentle with yourself. Be kind to yourself. Be careful with how you deal with the pain.

Many of us are holding on to season after season of hurt. No matter how far we are from the storms we faced we may feel like it’s still raining. We may feel like we are still in the storm. We have not learned how to move on. We have not realized that the season is over.

Moving on is a challenge, but you can do it. You got through the hard part, you survived the storm. Strive to move forward and give yourself grace. Try to not let the offenses keep you bound. Therapy is a great place to heal and get out the inner issues you still deal with. Get busy, sometimes sitting idle is not a good thing. It can bring overthinking. Find things you enjoy doing alone or with others.

Surround yourself with healthy relationships and establish healthy boundaries. Learn that saying “No” is okay. Learn that changing your mind after you have committed to something is also okay. These things are important. Some of the storms we face can be because of our connection with toxic people.

You can live again. You can dream again. You can rebuild. The storm is over it’s time to heal and work to move on.


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