Mental Health Awareness

Mental health is a vital part of our well-being. Our mind is powerful and controls everything we do. Millions of Americans suffer or battle some form of mental illness.

Our childhood and upbringing is an important part of our mental health. Many people have abusive childhoods that have long-term effects on their mental health. There are many people that battle depression, anxiety, anger management issues that stem from childhood trauma.

Social media has brought new issues that affect mental health. More people are isolated and glued to a device. This creates poor communication skills and a lack of social skills.

The pandemic put new fears in the lives of those already battling mental health challenges. There were many people who suffered great loss during the pandemic.

This created depression, grief, fear, anxiety and more isolation than usual. The world changed before our eyes. Many people battling mental illness were not prepared for the change. For many of us it created even more trauma.

Beware of people that are controlling and manipulative. Individuals with mental illness often fall prey to these type of people. Often they appear kind in nature. The reality is you may be being manipulated to do things their way and on their terms. This is not healthy. It can end up being a prison type relationship that becomes more and more toxic over time.

Mental health awareness means being conscious that your actions and behavior or a lack therof have an impact on a person’s mental well-being. We should be evolving as people that we respect the well-being of others and do not want to add to their pain.

Be kind to people. We all should strive to be the difference in people’s life. We should do it in a healthy way. Be a light in the lives of others.

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