Live to Heal from Brokenness

Life is filled with ups and downs. Everyone handles the issues they have faced in different ways. There are healthy ways and unhealthy ways to cope with life. Many of us have been told about our unhealthy choices. Some of us had to get fed up and tired of unhealthy coping habits before we were ready to let them go.

The list of poor coping mechanisms is rather long. I encourage everyone to allow God in and allow people who are living a healthy sober lifestyle to help you improve yours. You are the company you keep. Whether it’s unhealthy eating, drug use, smoking, drinking, finances, or a lack of will to pull yourself out of what you have gotten used to, you have to reach for the better. You have to love yourself enough to want better for yourself. Stop blaming all who may have caused your hurt; that keeps you stuck. Jesus could have said, “I am perfect God”. “I don’t feel like I should be crucified for the sins of the world”. He said “Your will not Mine” and bared the cross so we could be free from what many of us allow to keep us in bondage (Matthew 26:39).

You have to help yourself heal. You have to get to the root of your dysfunction and commit to changing and being the best version of yourself. When we see overweight people lose 100 pounds we all cheer for them and go wow. Healing is the same way. Some of us are carrying pounds and pounds of life hardships around. We are holding on to past hurts, losses, and pain. We have poor coping skills. Some of us don’t even realize how much our daily lifestyle reflects pain.

You have to love yourself enough to say “I want better and I deserve better”. I want to have a life filled with happiness. Being happy does not mean you have an easy life. It means you are living life in such a way that you cope differently. An example would be instead of using drugs to cope you are sober. You get the proper sleep you need, you manage your stress with therapy and exercise, you eat clean, you have healthy support around you, and you choose to express your hard times in healthy ways with a hobby.

I know this is hard and not easy. Even though this is true when are you going to decide that it’s time to allow yourself the space to heal? I know there is no cookie-cutter situation, but despite how complicated things may be in your life, you can start somewhere. You may start by exercising, then change your diet a little, and get some therapy. You may start a support group for you and others like you. You may get a hobby to help you release stress. Whatever you do start somewhere. Stop accepting that things can’t change. Stop accepting that you can’t change and do the work.

Behold, I will bring it health and healing, I will heal them and reveal to them the abundance of peace and truth (Jeremiah 33:6).

God is a God of restoration this scripture was spoken to Jeremiah while in prison. God wanted order for the children of Israel. God is a God of order. The things God reveals to us are not choices but commands. God even gave us structure about how to live and conduct our lives. This is why when we are living any type of way we have no peace.

God never intended for us to live a life full of brokenness. He wanted us to live liberated and free despite what we endured. Jesus endured the cross but He rose so we could rise above what hurts us. He endured shame, embarrassment, betrayal, being lied to, and plotted against. Though these offenses hurt when they occur in our lives, God had a purpose when Jesus endured them. He didn’t remain in a broken state and neither should we.

Order your life. Give yourself the space and time to heal. The best investment you can make is in yourself.


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