When the Rubber meets the Road

Sometimes in life what we plan, what we think, what we had in mind, and our reality when it’s time to do what is required of us is a “when the rubber meets the road” situation. Life is full of twists and turns.

When the rubber meets the road is different. We are trying to go somewhere and we come to a place where it’s hard and we aren’t sure if we will obtain our goal. Times like these make us question was the journey worth it? We may wonder if we missed God somewhere or if we are connected to Him at all? This is the place where faith is tested and quitting would seem easier than fighting through the uncertainty. We all have reached this place and some have fought and others have thrown in the towel.

This life is filled with hardships, unforeseen circumstances, and sometimes crushed dreams. The one thing that is constant is God’s love for us through it all whether we are in a relationship with Him or not. His grace is sufficient for whosoever needs it. In the times when you question his presence, it’s the air in your lungs that is the answer to your question.

When the rubber meets the road, and what you plan versus what you are faced with doesn’t measure up, keep going. When fear grips your future, do it afraid. It is easy to quit. We all have quit at something to only look back and wonder “what if”. Quitting leaves no room for opportunity. You may learn through the regret to hang in there when fear grips you again. The issue with quitting is the door closes and you miss the opportunity behind it.

There are so many times when I don’t know what the right path is, but what is certain is that I can’t quit because I am fearful and unsure. Everything that we all have accomplished we put in a lot of effort not knowing where or how it would end.

This message is for the person that wants things to change but is in fear from past experiences that things won’t work out.

Joseph started out his life with visions from God (Genesis 37:5-7). The visions would one day bring him to the greatest position. Joseph was met with some hard circumstances but he never gave up despite the troubles he faced. His brothers betrayed him, and he finally found a place to call home and was betrayed again, later he had to endure prison (Genesis 37:18-20), (Genesis chapters 38 and 39).

Through it all God used him. He could have allowed prison to be his final place but he didn’t he had gifts and he used them. His gifts got him out of prison and he became Prince of Egypt beside Pharaoh (Genesis chapter 40 and 41).

Joseph could have been like so many of us today with what he faced. He had years of hardship but when the rubber met the road he pressed in and used the gifts God gave him and his life soared. He later saw the brothers who betrayed him in his youth and he humbly had mercy on them and was reunited with them.

When you are in your hard places and what you had in mind is not your reality what will you do? Will you throw in the towel and make your temporary situation more permanent than what it has to be? Will you press in and push through the mountain you face not sure where you will land? Will you seek God for guidance and patiently wait on his answer?

Whatever you decide don’t give up when the rubber meets the road. Use it to move you forward.

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