The Art of Resilience

Resilience is defined as an innate ability to overcome adversity or the challenges we face in life and not remain stuck (Webster 2021). We all have resilient attributes in our character, but life can be tough.

Being resilient for many of us takes us to a stance and position of “I can’t just give up”. For others this is where our faith pushes us to persevere past what is trying to hold us back.

What do you do when the odds are stacked against you but you want change in your life? You push the mountain out of your way and press in with God.

There is no time like the present to press in. Don’t get relaxed now. There is too much spiritual warfare needed to fight the battles against us today. There are so many obstacles stacked against humanity in this season.

The world remains innovative in the midst of a pandemic. It continues to spin itself against the pitfalls of natural disasters and deaths.  It tries to remain intact while we are holding on to what’s left.

The art of resilience is pressing in when it’s hard. It is never giving up when the road is rocky and it hurts to stand in defeat or the dark places life puts us in.

For every mountain you face today there is a resilient part of you. Tap into it and press in. You are so much bigger than the challenges of life.

If you want an in depth read about mastering the boxing ring of life, check out my book. The Art of Resilience: Dreaming and Overcoming the Challenges of life

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