Life after Trauma

Trauma can not be erased from our memory and it can have lifelong effects on us. God never intended for us to be subjected to trauma we face. God is sovereign and He loves us. Jesus endured trauma during his crucifixion, but used it to save you and me. Now Jesus is our High Priest.

It’s hard to imagine a God that is all powerful allowing us to endure so much pain. Jesus was not exempt and He was perfect in every way.

So now what do we do knowing we will face adversity. We learn to build a relationship with God and understand that He is a redeemer. He knows all we endure and despite the suffering we experience God is still God.

There have been times where I became angry with God because my outward circumstances did not reflect a sovereign God in my eyes. The truth of the matter is he was using my pain to mature me and change me for His glory. He was getting rid of the areas of my life that would hinder me spiritually.

No matter where you are in the things you endured. God understands and sees your pain and He wants you to overcome it like Jesus overcame the crucifixion. He is our redeemer. God will take what you have left and build a foundation for a better future. All He requires is a relationship with Him.

You can rebuild your life after being exposed to trauma. All that is needed the willingness to overcome and heal. God is close to the broken hearted. As you rebuild your life, remember, our Savior was redeemed for everything we face in life. Because He overcame it all, we can too.

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