Ram in the Bush

Abraham faithfully attempted to follow God’s instructions and sacrifice his son Isaac. To his surprise there was a ram in the thicket and he did not have to sacrifice Isaac (Genesis Chapter 22).

Abraham had no idea there would be a ram in the bush (Genesis 22:13). He was faithful enough to trust God no matter what. It took a lot of courage, obedience, and a strong relationship with God to do what Abraham did.

The unknown is scary but like Abraham sometimes we have to face it head on. We have to face it with faith.

When I returned home last year and had a major relapse with my mental health it crushed me. I tried to see the God in it. In the early stages I could not see a way out of my troubles.

As time went on my faith pushed me to keep moving no matter what I faced and it was hard. I lost all that I tried to build along with feelings of failure.

One day after everything settled God finally spoke to me. He revealed to me that my disobedience in not trusting Him and moving hastily was the center of why I struggled so bad (1 Samuel 15:22).

I accepted it. God is intentional with how He reveals things to us when we can receive it. God also said there is a ram in the bush for you.

Sometimes God has to take us through some things to bless us and get us where He can minister to us on a deeper level.

My ram in the bush was an affordable place of my own. It took time but God was not late.

No matter what comes up, never give up. Abraham could have said “I don’t trust you God and I will not sacrifice my only son”, but his faith outweighed his understanding. I could have said “I am at a low place, I feel stuck, and I’m giving up on life”, but I pressed in and endured. I did it, no matter how uncomfortable and uncertain it was.

Let faith get you through the hard places. God keeps a ram in the bush for His children. He loves us that much. In return He wants trust and obedience.

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