It’s not how you start, but how you finish

For those looking to shed some pounds, walking is a healthy way to lose weight. It’s not how you start but enjoying the process.

When I first started walking I could only do 10 minutes before I was out of breath.

I used to be stuck on the number on the scale but to anyone who fears the scale focus on getting healthy. The weight loss will follow.

What you put in your body is always important. Weight loss is 80/20. 80% what you eat and 20% exercise.

Most of my journey has been walking alone. I mention this because so many people, don’t feel motivated, without a walking buddy. Let God be your walking buddy and eventually He may place someone in your life.

In 2018 at almost 240 pounds I walked alone and God was my motivation. I’ll never forget God specifically said “I’ll be your buddy”.

Along the journey I’ve had two buddies but most of it has been me and God. I started with God in mind so I’m so motivated whether I’m alongside someone or not. I thank God for being obedient because it has made the journey so much more enjoyable. I have challenging days.

What have been my challenges? My goal weight is still 20 pounds away. Seeing the scale go down and watching it go up. Battling with my hypothyroidism and psychiatric medications. Through it all, my model is, I’m the turtle not the rabbit. Slow and steady.

I’ve struggled on this journey but I have maintained my 40 pound weight loss. Which for me is a great feat. For years I would lose and gain it right back plus 15 to 20 pounds extra.

I don’t know where you are with your mental, physical or emotional health. But I know where I was and have been. My weight gain was so bad and I needed knee surgery and the surgeon was clear. “I can do the surgery but you must get the weight off your knees and keep it off”. That was December 2017.

Its 2021, I went from only being able to stand or tolerate 10 mins with little distance. I am now up to walking almost 4 miles in 90 minutes.

No matter where you are with your health choose to start from wherever it is and trust God to help you along the way. No journey is alike, but we all have our own path to a healthier version of ourselves. Remember it’s not how you start, but how you finish.

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