Surviving Trauma

So many of us have been exposed to years of abuse and trauma. Many of us have battled for years trying to overcome it. I know this battle very well. I know that family and abusive relationships can be the worst. They never admit they have hurt us. The years of “I’m sorry” yet their behavior never changes.

The failed attempts to truly heal met with more exposure to abuse. The times where you are blamed for abuse you never warranted or caused. The lack of compassion for every nightmare, negative memory, or the constant triggers that remind you of the hurt.

Many people turn to alcohol, sex, or drugs to cope. The root of engaging in any of these or others can be depression, shame, guilt, or lack of ability to feel free from the trauma. So many people are told to “let it go”. This sounds like good advice but it is not realistic.

The reason it’s not realistic is because years of abuse and trauma is not something you wipe away and life goes on. Many people spend years trying to let go and trying to forgive but are met with so much hurt.

Whether we realize it or not the ‘let it go” band aid does not work. Many of us are still angry, hurt, and need someone to show us how to heal and be free.

Walking in victory after years of trauma is possible but we must be clear that it is a journey. Forgiveness will come but it takes time. The journey to forgiveness and freedom from trauma can be life-long.

It is important that we understand that forgiving someone frees us up to walk in victory. It does not mean we have to repair a relationship with a toxic person.

Psalm 9:9 “The Lord also will be a refuge for the oppressed, A refuge in times of trouble”.

It is important to remember God heals the wounds of the broken hearted. It is up to us to strive each and everyday to live with purpose inspite of what our past has been.

It is up to us to choose to be free and not bound by our addictions or fickle emotions. It is important to find a balance that keeps us following the path God has for us.

You can’t erase the trauma you have endured. You can learn to strive to not bound or defined by it. It can be used to push you forward and help someone else along the way.


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