You will Prevail

No pain is too great for God. There are seasons where we feel He has left us or forgotten about us. God is always present. Jesus’s suffering was not in vain and neither is ours. Our lives are not our own. On the other side of overcoming, is the opportunity to be a light to others.

God needs us to overcome and walk in victory. It is needed to help others heal and move past the places where they may be stuck.

You can prevail past trauma. You can walk into your destiny. It takes pressing, patience, and not giving up in the hard places.

We mature past the things we go through when we don’t let them define our destiny. We have to allow time to grow, heal, and believe we can prevail.

Joseph was cast away by his brothers and enslaved yet God still kept His promise to Joseph (Genesis 37). Joseph endured many trials, lies, and injustice but God was always with Joseph. Joseph had a genuine heart and he did not let his pain turn to hate and resentment.

For some us we hope we overcome. We need to get beyond hoping and take action toward overcoming. If it means starting over, then by all means find a starting point, and try not to look back. If it means asking for help, then with a humble heart, we quickly resolve that. Whatever has you stuck begin to spend time with God and allow Him to help you heal. It may take time but start somewhere.

God has been a God of action and spoken word since the beginning of time (Genesis 1:3). This is how we need to be. We need to be careful with what we say. But we must first deal with and admit the bitter roots in our heart. God understands we have them. He just wants us to allow Him to remove the brokenness we feel at times.

You can do nothing to change the past. You can change the present and hope towards the future. Prevailing through life is possible no matter what we go through. We have to choose to fight our inner battles through prayer, our spoken words of positivity and working to change our future.

You will prevail. πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

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