God will Use what you have Left

Many people find themselves starting over throughout the course of their lives. It can leave an empty feeling when loss prompted the starting over. God does his best work when we have just enough. His glory shines brighter when He is working with the empty vessels we have (2 Kings chapter 4).

I want women to know, it was no mistake when you began to start over. God meets us wherever we are and He knew we would be there. In those seasons it’s a time to soak up what can I learn from this.

It is a time to reflect on how much you can grow into the person Gods calling you to be. God is sovereign he is never punishing us but circumstances are used to bring us closer to Him.

If you are starting over, empty is the best place to be. God can work and put in you what will equip for the latter years to come.

Sometimes tragedy sparks starting over. Forgive yourself and others. Forgiveness for many of us is a journey. If you loss someone, God will comfort you through it. It takes time to heal from tragedy and trauma but God is patient.

God is a God of restoration. He knew you would be at this place. Allow Him to restore the broken places. Sometimes we have to be in tight situations to bring us out of what wasnt working for some time. This is where God shows us things we would miss otherwise.

You can begin again and God is with you.

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