Patience with God

Patience with God can be a challenge but it is possible. We should spend more time seeking God for His will and timing for the things He places in our spirit.

Patience is not just waiting, it is waiting by putting God first. God loves when we seek His counsel. He loves to be closely connected to us.

As we grow in our relationship with God we begin to understand that waiting is a part of stretching our faith. It also builds patience. God carefully created the heavens and earth and He took His time (Genesis 2:1-3). 

Jesus was brought forth to mankind through the house of Benjamin by King David and this was the will of God (Matthew 1:1-17). Sometimes God’s purpose for us is held up for seasons so that at the right timing they come forth.

This can be frustrating. We can feel like we haven’t heard from God. Abraham waited his entire life for Sarah, his wife, to have his son (Genesis 21:1-3). They even tried to help God with Hagar which brought forth Ishmael (Genesis 16:1-5). God does not need our help He sees our past, present, and future (Psalm 139).

Sometimes our hardest battles are fought through tears and pain. Sometimes this can be God’s will. David endured much and so did Jesus and it took patience and the right timing for them to fulfill their destiny.

Keep God close even when the road is hard. Our patience may need maturing, but God is our helper.

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