God Requires our Obedience

(Joshua 1:1-10) Joshua was commissioned to take the land God commanded and possess it. God also gave Joshua and the Israelites favor.

Joshua had to do as God required and the Israelites had to follow His lead. There are times where we are solely dependent on God to fight every battle.

Today there are many battles God fights for us everyday. For a lot of us the one we are crying out to Him to fight is our finances. For many others it is our health.

As a person who has a chronic condition it can be hard when you have a illness that flares unknowingly. It can be so bad that it turns my life upside down.

As we take these things or other battles to God in prayer He is going to require something from us. He is going to commission His answer to our prayers. He will require obedience.

God answers prayers, but it is up to us to live the life God is calling us to live. We also have to do it God’s way. Sometimes what we have in mind is outside of God’s plan for our lives.

Do what God requires and do it His way. God fights for us. It is our job, like Joshua, and the Israelites to be obedient so that we are victorious in the battles we fight.

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