New Beginnings

I was tired of starting over. The truth of the matter was God needs to reveal things to us so we can grow. Sometimes that means our world being turned upside down so the reality of our lives hits home.

Thinking about things being new and different is hard but God requires it to bring us closer to Him.

The road less traveled is one to take note of. There are detours on this road. Do not become stuck in who forgot you were going through a storm and still in recovery. No matter what keep moving.

Some things are for you and God only. It’s okay if something slips out, just regain focus.

New Beginnings are fun, sad, depressing, joyous, happy, or overwhelming. It depends on what is going. Keep working at your journey. You will make it.

For every new beginning is a season to plant and sow. The harvest of life is built on sowing. I don’t mean just money. I mean who you are as a person. God is measuring the heart by focusing on our character.

No matter what you see keep moving.

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