The Road Less Traveled

You never know all you will face in life. Many of us face the road less traveled. We face things we never thought we would go through.

So what do you do when you face this road? You pray as you take each step. These roads aren’t easy to navigate. You have to let God lead the way.

I thought battling my illness was hard, but having someone be there when you are sick and care for you with love is the hardest to find. My road less traveled is overcoming mental health challenges and doing it alone.

This feat is one many face. If you are facing this hurdle, keep moving. God always sends help.

Your road less traveled could be a different illness, family, ministry, relationships or addiction.

I never thought I would be bearing my illness with God only but I am. It’s hard but God is in control.

No matter what you face, you are more than a conquer through Jesus Christ.

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