Stop Running

There are a lot of women that run through life. I didn’t think I was running but I have been running from abuse for years. The more times we are exposed to abuse the harder we run from it.

I want women to understand we can stop running and start living for today. Is it hard? Yes. Can you do it alone? Yes and No. Sometimes we become so isolated from the hurdles we climb we have to do it alone. In those times there is the living God that looks out for His children.

We can start over. It is hard but you can do it. We can live a beautiful life inspite of what we have gone through. Women all over the world need to know God is sovereign and He cares about you. We breathe His breath in our lungs when He wakes us up everyday.

Stop running from the hurt. Conquer it and take your life forward. If you need therapy be honest and get the help you need. Build a village of people around you that will be there when it’s good, but also there when you’re struggling. Sometimes it’s not family like we want it to be. Let those who want to see you move forward in and keep abusive people out.

We are more than conquers through Him who loved us (Romans 8:37).

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