The Essence of Striving for Better

Six years ago when I walked across the stage earning my Master in Social Work degree, I saw and felt hopeful. Was I naive? Yes. I was younger and these brown eyes saw society differently back then.

I sit now thinking of all the hurdles I survived and climbed and it was no easy task. The hardest part is admitting I knew little about the world I wanted to conquer.

Joseph was given visions about the blessings God had in his future. His brothers grew jealous tossed him in a pit. They also lied and said a beast ate him and he was dead and he was sold into slavery (Genesis 37).

Joseph suffered much agony over this selfish act by his family. He even spent time in prison but God allowed his vision to come to pass because he was humble and God favored Joseph. Joseph rose to power beside a great king (Genesis 39-41)

It is not how you start, who wronged you, who hurt you, though dealing with these things is important. My point here is that God is still faithful to what we have left. Joseph was a prisoner with the gift of dream interpretation and God used that to bring him out of bandage.

What once caused him grief made him mighty before many. What was once his setback made a rule beside a great king (Genesis 41). God is focused on the heart and He is the only one who can know it. We may fool many people by appearing to have a humble heart. God is the one who knows our innermost feelings and thoughts toward others and Joseph was humble.

As you strive for better remember Joseph. God is waiting for you to change so you can do His will not yours. Our lives belong to Him. We are designed to glorify Him with the way we live our lives.

How are you living? Strive for better, but do it God’s way.

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