The long road

We all start down paths which sometimes lead to other paths. I want to talk about the long road.

I seen a lot and the road has been long. The paths I found myself on I paved. I was looking and searching for better and running from pain.

To the person just starting out, take your time. Dont rush life. You don’t want a wilderness wrapped around you. Seek God everyday. Wake up with Him. Carry Him throughout the day. Close your day with prayer to Him at night. Do this so when troubling times come your relationship with Him is a solid foundation.

Maybe the road has been long for you, and change is what you need. Do whatever you have been putting off even if you have fear. Do it, pray, and trust God. We get past long roads by choosing to do what is hard and sometimes scary.

Sometimes long roads are ones that build character and wisdom. Long roads aren’t all bad and for many of us without them we would not be able to enjoy and tackle this big world. So to the long road travelers, like me, “keep going there is better just over that hill.”๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’•

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