Starting over

Tears fell on my pillow when I thought about starting over for the seventh time. It’s a heavy cross to bear when someone else’s jealousy causes your agony.

I had to be strong enough to see the pain and even feel the pain but not let it consume me.

My reason for doing it for the seventh time after so much foundation was laid was just that; I had put stock in so many parts of my life the last 5 years that God was present. God was present through so much praying for myself and others. It seemed hopeless at a glance but in essence there has been years of planting that it was reaping time now.

So when you are starting over dont forget to look back, look up, and remember your harvest. If you’ve been a planter in your life and the lives of others your harvest is coming.

2 Corinthians 9:6-8


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