Life Hurts Sometimes

The troubles of life hurt

The decisions we make don’t always work

Depending on God is the source of our strength

When life seems unbearable pull from God’s fortress

Life hurts sometimes

No matter what life brings press through the rain

Work with God to get through the pain

The etched memory of our past hurts but trouble doesn’t last

Our eternal resting place is worth more than issues of our past

No matter what with God all things are possible to work

Even though life hurts

He Rose for Us

When we celebrate the risen Savior we need to understand that He rose for us. We also have to remember that He was the perfect Lamb that gave up His life for those who were there and those who would come after His resurrection. It is not about coloring eggs, an Easter basket, a bunny, or a feast.

When we celebrate the risen Savior we celebrate freedom. We celebrate His going out through the crucifixion and His coming in through His resurrection. Jesus endured suffering not as a sinner but as a guiltless perfection to save you and to save me. Glory be to God for choosing Jesus. God knew He could do what no other could do.

It’s okay to celebrate His life, remember his death, but also understand that when He rose it was for us. It was for every trouble we face. It was for every trick of the enemy. It was for every sickness we face. He rose with all power in His hand. He completed and ultimately finished it for us.

He is our High Priest. We no longer have to sacrifice a lamb or any animal. He is our example. He was betrayed, lied on, denied, beaten, mocked, humiliated, and embarrassed (Matthew 27:28-31). These are some of the things we have all faced. We can find comfort in knowing that Jesus did too.

As we celebrate Resurrection Sunday today let us be reminded to be an example for Jesus. Let us remember to spread the gospel and carry Jesus’ commission to the ends of the earth. Let us remember we don’t have to remain in bondage to our past, a person, or mistake. Jesus liberated anything we face today when He rose on Sunday (Matthew 28:18-20).

You may feel defeated by what life has brought your way but I want you to know Jesus conquered the grave and the grave clothes could not hold Jesus back from His assignment. The stone was rolled away and Jesus took off the grave clothes and Rose. If Jesus can you can too. You don’t have to remain feeling defeated. You don’t have to remain stuck (Matthew 28:2-3).

I get so excited thinking about the power Jesus must have felt when His work was finished. We have that same power. We can overcome because Jesus rose. From now on when they are saying “Happy Easter” you remember the “Resurrected King Jesus Christ”.

Happy Resurrection Sunday! Jesus Rose for Us.