Rise into Your Purpose

We are called to be what God has designed us to be. We are more than conquers through God. Life is hard, but God is a way maker. God is an ever-present help. When we go through things we must remember God is with us. We must not give up or give in.


Resilient Inspired Spiritual Excellence (R.I.S.E.) will provide a virtual experience that allows women to connect and grow. (R.I.S.E.) envisions changing women’s lives by inspiring them to walk into the call God-ordained for them.

Adversity impacts us all, but we must overcome it. We must overcome so our testimony can change the lives of others. Women worldwide are “resilient” and continue to thrive through the daily hardships in their lives. (R.I.S.E.) wants to cultivate this innate ability and push women into their purpose one virtual encounter at a time.

Let’s walk into our God-ordained purpose!